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Spanish FlashCards: Learning Can Be Fun

Most educators and parents are aware of the advantages of using flash cards to help students learn. Their ease of use and ability to reinforce ideas make them ideal for many learning situations, especially independent studying. However, studying flash cards on any subject matter has rarely been seen as a fun and stimulating way to learn.

But what if the information on the cards was partnered with engaging images and voices to make the learner want to stay focused on the lessons? That would make the learning process a great deal easier and enable the student to learn in an intuitive manner, using both the right and left sides of their brain.

For those who are homeschooling their children and want to include the Spanish language in their curriculum, Dragonfly Language has created just such a program. Their video-based Spanish flashcards can be used anywhere there is a DVD player, computer, or mobile device with internet access.

What makes these flash cards unique is that the Spanish vocabulary being taught does not rely on the English translation, but rather an image and sound. This allows the student to learn the Spanish language the way they learned their native tongue, through intuitive association. It also makes using these Spanish flashcards much more interesting and fun.

This immersive method of studying Spanish engages the right side of the brain in the learning process and prevents the student from constantly having to switch their focus from one language to the other. Without the need to translate, the brain is allowed to commit the Spanish vocabulary to memory in a much more natural manner.

Not only are these Spanish flashcards an effective learning tool, they are affordable. The creators of these Spanish lessons did so because they could not find any language programs that were both effective and fit into their homeschooling budget. Once they found a system that worked, they decided to offer it to other parents at a price that would make foreign language education available to almost every homeschooled child.

To learn more about these unique, affordable, and effective Spanish flash cards from Dragonfly Language, or to read testimonials given by other parents who have used them, visit their website at

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Homeschool Spanish Made Simple and Affordable

Homeschooling offers parents the opportunity to tailor their children’s education to ensure that they are prepared for a successful future. In a rapidly shrinking world, where the next job or educational opportunity may be half a world away, learning a foreign language can be a vital part of this education. Unfortunately, unless the parents themselves are fluent in Spanish, it can be difficult and expensive to offer effective Spanish curriculum.

Until now. Now there is a way to teach Spanish without blowing the homeschool budget. Created by a family that wanted to give their youngsters access to the Spanish language, Dragonfly Language uses proven methods to teach Spanish vocabulary and phonetics.  Spanish for kids has never been more effective.

The method involves the use of video-based flashcards. Each word is spoken aloud while an image is shown to the student. This bypasses the students’ need to cross back and forth between English and Spanish and allows the Spanish language to be learned the way they learned their native tongue, on the intuitive right side of the brain.  Traditional online flash cards pale in comparison.

There are other aspects of Dragonfly’s Spanish lessons that are unique and help the student cement Spanish lessons firmly in their brain. For example, Spanish words have a gender, a concept that many native English speakers have difficulty mastering. These Spanish lessons make remembering gender easy because a female speaks the feminine words, and a male speaks the masculine words.  While it can be hard to remember what gender a tomato is supposed to be, it is much easier to remember who said the word “tomate” in the flashcard.

Dragonfly’s homeschool Spanish flashcards program works- they guarantee it. Their customers find their Spanish DVDs and video downloads to be not only effective but also fun and stimulating so that the students enjoy the process and want to learn more. See what their previous customers have to say about this homeschool Spanish program on the Success Stories page of their website.

The creators of these language programs are committed to providing homeschooled children with access to the foreign languages they will need to navigate the global marketplace. They worked very hard to ensure that the Spanish lessons they offer are not only highly effective but also inexpensive enough to fit into even the tightest of homeschool budgets.

For more information about Dragonfly Language’s homeschool Spanish, German or French flashcards programs, visit their website at