Our Memory and Sound

Have you ever listened to a familiar movie and found yourself compelled to spit out the next lines? Have you ever walked around with a song stuck in your head that you couldn’t seem to shake loose?  Perhaps you’ve spent the weekend with a friend with an accent and suddenly, you seem to be speaking with a bit of a British accent or a southern accent.  I can sing the opening theme song to my favorite childhood TV show word for word and I haven’t heard the song for at least 30 years.  I know people who memorized information for an upcoming exam by making a rap out of the test material.  Our brains are very receptive to sounds.  What makes sound so memorable? Read more

The Gifts of a Bilingual Brain

While some of the benefits of raising your child with the gift of more than one language are obvious, others are not. Parents know that early language acquisition will allow a child to speak that language as a native speaker would, with no accent.  Being able to speak more than one language gives children a competitive edge in a global environment.  A second language opens up a world of travel opportunities without the hassle of carrying around a translation dictionary. But there are some less obvious benefits of knowing two languages. Read more

Teaching Foreign Language in Your Homeschool

If you homeschool your children, you are not alone. Currently, well over one and a half million children are homeschooling in the United States today, which represents over 3% of the school-aged population.  There are now more homeschooling curricula than ever before.   Parents have many choices that make teaching easy when it comes to subjects like Math and History.  But what about Foreign Language?  Public and private schools are able to hire native speakers as Spanish teachers or German teachers.   In contrast, how would a homeschooling parent teach a foreign language if that parent is not bilingual? Read more