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Using Your Dragonfly Video Flashcards

People have different reasons for buying Dragonfly Video Flashcards.  Some are trying to soak in Spanish vocabulary before their trip to Costa Rica.  Some want to brush up on their rusty German vocabulary for business ventures.  Some parents want to expose their babies to a foreign language spoken in a native tongue.  Homeschooling parents might […]

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

As a homeschooling mom of seven years, I laugh when I hear that people are afraid to homeschool their children because they won’t be “socialized.” What does that even mean?  Are humans not social creatures who interact with the world regardless of whether they spend time in a school building or at home with their […]

Importance of Right-Brain Learning for Foreign Language

Sometimes learning isn’t fun. Sometimes it’s tedious, challenging, frustrating, exhausting.  This can be especially true for learning a foreign language.  But wait, learning wasn’t always awful, was it?  What about when you learned to drive a car, or play a new game?  What makes learning a new language any different?  The answer lies in the […]

Do Flashcards Really Work?

Ah, the humble flashcard. You may have memories of carrying a small stack of dog-eared flashcards in your hooded sweatshirt, cramming for that exam in a few spare minutes between classes.  You probably also remember feeling a little pride after doing rather well on the exam.   Let’s face it, flashcards work.  But why?  Are they […]

Keep Your Resolutions by Making Habits

Have you ever been driving to the mall, lost in thought, only to realize that you were making all the usual turns to go to work?  I personally enjoy blaming the car for this, but obviously, our daily habit of driving to work is deeply entrenched in our minds.   When I say “deeply entrenched,” I […]

Our Memory and Sound

Have you ever listened to a familiar movie and found yourself compelled to spit out the next lines? Have you ever walked around with a song stuck in your head that you couldn’t seem to shake loose?  Perhaps you’ve spent the weekend with a friend with an accent and suddenly, you seem to be speaking […]

The Gifts of a Bilingual Brain

While some of the benefits of raising your child with the gift of more than one language are obvious, others are not. Parents know that early language acquisition will allow a child to speak that language as a native speaker would, with no accent.  Being able to speak more than one language gives children a […]

Teaching Foreign Language in Your Homeschool

If you homeschool your children, you are not alone. Currently, well over one and a half million children are homeschooling in the United States today, which represents over 3% of the school-aged population.  There are now more homeschooling curricula than ever before.   Parents have many choices that make teaching easy when it comes to subjects […]

Spanish FlashCards: Learning Can Be Fun

Most educators and parents are aware of the advantages of using flash cards to help students learn. Their ease of use and ability to reinforce ideas make them ideal for many learning situations, especially independent studying. However, studying flash cards on any subject matter has rarely been seen as a fun and stimulating way to learn. […]