FAQ online flash cards

Why does it work?

Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards use images and sounds to engage the more intuitive right side of the brain to accelerate learning and make it feel effortless.  Research has shown that optimal learning engages both sides of the brain.  Textbooks and traditional online flash cards are far less effective because they rely on the more logical left side of the brain, attempting to memorize words which are quickly forgotten.  This is the a no-nonsense learning tool that focuses relentlessly on one thing: building vocabulary.  It won’t waste your time with filler content.  The lessons are short and engaging, and highly effective for any audience.  It’s never been easier to study Spanish, French, or German!

Is it really that easy?

Try a couple short lessons and you will be surprised how many of the words you remember, and you won’t feel exhausted by the process.  The spoken words stick in your brain even if you are barely paying attention.  At the end of an 8 minute lesson, most people remember at least half of the words, which means you could learn about 100 words in an hour!  Imagine if all Spanish for kids lessons were that effective.   If you repeat the lesson several times you will likely remember most of them.  Repetition is key to long-term retention, so be sure to revisit old lessons several times until you are sure you won’t forget those words.

Is this “immersion” learning?

It uses the same principles as immersion learning, which is directly associating concepts with words, without the intermediate layer of English forcing you to go through a translation process.  However immersion works best when you are completely isolated from English, so you can’t really do language immersion without moving to the country where the language is spoken.  But if you do, bring the DVDs with you!

At what age can my child start using this product?

The sooner the better!  We formally recommend our Spanish flashcards, French flashcards, and German flashcards for children ages 7 and older, however the earlier a child is exposed to a language, the more easily they will pick it up.  If they are not exposed to a language by the age of 10, they are unlikely to ever speak like a native.  Even if your child doesn’t seem to be paying attention, they are developing an intuitive familiarity with those sounds, which will be far more difficult to acquire up as they get older.

Why DVD?

Unlike traditional online flash cards, a DVD can be played just about anywhere: in the family room, bedroom, playroom, in the classroom, on a computer or laptop, even in the minivan on the way to soccer practice.  The DVD’s are full-screen to ensure compatibility with any DVD player, and the video downloads are useful for viewing on a tablet or phone, for people who are always on the go.  The 8-minute lessons are short enough to fit into any busy schedule, and are the perfect length for a car ride.  For homeschoolers, exhausted parents can get a break while the videos take over teaching.  Most kids can navigate the lessons on their own, but younger viewers may need their parents’ help.  You might experiment with letting the children select their own lessons, as they will likely have some favorites like fairy tales or animals.

Is there an App?

The video downloads can be used like an app on a phone, tablet or laptop.  However we are also developing an interactive app which will let you navigate through the flashcards at your own pace, and will even include some quiz games to test your memory.

Who does the voices?

Our voice talents are native speakers, and they come from all over the globe.  They were carefully selected from hundreds of voice over professionals for their quality, clarity, consistency, and charm.  Each one has tremendous experience in professional voice acting and narration.

Why do you have multiple voices?

Many languages use genders which can be difficult for English speakers to remember.  One trick we found helpful was to match the voice to the gender, so when you think about the word being spoken, you automatically know whether it was a masculine or feminine word based on whether a man or woman said it.  German also has neuter words, which are spoken by a woman in a youthful tone, in contrast to the mature tone of the feminine words.

What if I don’t like the product?

We guarantee you will, and you can try the DVDs for 60 days with no risk.  If you decide not to keep them, simply let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we will instruct you on the process to return the DVDs for a full refund (excludes return shipping).