Follow these instructions to complete your download and transfer your new language videos to your favorite mobile device.

To download and view the videos:

  1. After your purchase, click on the link to download the mp4 video files. Do not close any windows during this time or disconnect your computer.
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, save it to your desktop or another location on your computer.
  3. To view the lesson videos, open the downloaded zip file and copy the folder to the final location where you would like to store the videos. This may require a program like WinZip or 7-Zip, but in most cases this shouldn’t be necessary.
  4. Click on one of the lesson files and it should open using the default video player for your computer. Depending on your computer the files may open in Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, VLC, or some other program.
  5. If the file does not play, try a different program. You may need to install an MPEG-4 codec or a different video playback program.
  6. Expand your world and enjoy learning this incredible new language!

To transfer videos to a mobile device:

  1. Apple devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad): Connect your device to the computer containing the videos. Import the video files into iTunes by adding them to the library from the File menu. Then select the iPhone, iPod or iPad device in iTunes, go to the Movies tab and select the videos, then sync the device.
  2. Android & Windows devices: Connect your device to the computer containing the videos. Open your mobile device on the computer, then open the Videos folder. Drag or copy the entire folder containing the mp4 videos into the Videos folder on your device. It should take several moments for the video files to copy.
  3. Happy mobile learning on the go!

Thank you for your purchase, and we look forward to hearing your success story!

For Technical Support: Please contact