Success Spanish for kids

“The DVD Was Worth Every Penny!”

I purchased this to complement a Spanish text book. My 8-year-old and 13-year-old are homeschooled and learning all of the essential vocabulary with this DVD. It’s very thorough in teaching the pronunciations and it includes good visuals that help you study Spanish. They have a quiz round to test your memory and the kids like to see if they can out-do the other. We’ve completed 5 lessons. The DVD was worth every penny!

Nicole S. Adams

“A Great Product For Beginners!”

I think these flashcards are exceptional as an introduction to study Spanish. They inspired me to believe that I could learn a new language, even at the age of 44. I appreciated the way each lesson started out slowly and then built it’s way up to the quiz at the end. The flow was confidence building. It helped that the program presented the word both conversationally and also slower with clear enunciation.

Even my eleven year old, who has had six years of elementary school Spanish, said that she found this aspect very helpful. I was surprised at how the lessons held her attention, even though she isn’t a beginner in Spanish. So many of the images were phenomenally beautiful, and certainly contributed to my enjoyment. Their visual impact helped a great deal with my recollection of the material. Overall, I think this is a great product for beginners, and also as an additional aid to students who are already in a Spanish class. I highly recommend this product.

Doug G. Johnson

“A Perfect Supplement To Every Spanish Program!”

As a mom who is trying to teach her children Spanish, this was a great supplement. Spanish for kids has never been easier! I was amazed that my children were entertained by the little lessons. They could choose a subject that they enjoyed (from insects for my 7 year old son, to fairy tales for my 3 year old daughter). Each picture is beautifully presented, yet differing in style so they are not easily bored. It was really helpful to hear a native speaker pronounce the word – normal the first time, then slow the second time, then normal again.

Each picture is then reviewed, faster this time, followed by the “flashcards” being mixed up and reviewed again. Lastly is a test. This is a perfect supplement to every Spanish program I am familiar with – not only for children, but equally as engaging and educational for adult learners as well. I just hope they come out with more volumes soon!

Joanne Simpson

“It Really Is Fabulous!”

When a friend told me about another Spanish flashcards software, I was dubious, but on her recommendation I decided to give it a try. What a wonderful surprise! Not only do I love it, but my kids adore it. They ask to use it all the time. It really helps to supplement our Spanish studies and helps my kids remember so much. I highly recommend this product – it really is fabulous.

Lynne Talbot